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"A brave, confident debut.…A perfect, intelligent, and atmospheric pop album."


"A very special artist. Destined to become one of the top albums of the year…Filled with warmth and uplifting, soulful energy, even in the most mellow of songs."


The sound of the Silver Pesos — tropical bass, soulful vocals in Spanish and English, hints of West African guitar psychedelia — seems like a cross-cultural project. And that’s partly true.

The core members of the Pesos are American, but their music is the result of a collaboration across several continents. Producer Peter Brambl recorded the album in Los Angeles, Paris, Belize, and Bali, working with local musicians along the way and incorporating the distinct sounds of each locale. Singer Chloe Conger, who lives part-time in Mexico, draws from diverse inspirations like Cesaria Evoria and Nortec Collective to create lyrics that feel like timeless folk-blues. And guitarist/ co-producer Robert Weber maintains his own studio in Indonesia, where many of the tracks were recorded with a local rhythm section. The live act adds keyboardist/vocalist Joanna Ellis, bassist John von Seggern, drummer Est Nyboer, and percussionist Jason Kadlec.

The resulting album sounds like walking through a multi-level house party with an eclectic mix of DJ’s — one room is playing Jamaican dancehall, another Afro-pop, another shoegaze electronica.

The debut record, Born at Midnight, was released in February 2011. The first single, "Regresando," has been featured on many programs including shows by KCRW DJs Garth Trinidad, Raul Campos, and Aaron Byrd. Currently based in Los Angeles, the band will play several high-profile gigs this spring, including the 10th Anniversary Create Fixate Festival in Los Angeles and the Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia.

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